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One of us lives with chronic illness. One of us has a husband and daughter who battled cancer. Both of us are killing it at the mom/wife life. Join us as we talk about our crazy lives and share stories of those battling chronic illness..
Meet Ilena-
I am a busy boy mom and wife who is battling chronic illness. It seems like each year I get some new fascinating disease that tries to take me out. The more disease I "collect," the bigger the purpose I have for raising awareness. It's been hard, and I am having to learn to adjust on a daily basis, but here I am, sharing my story along with several other spoonies.
Meet Cassie-
I am a busy stay-at-home mom of 6. We have a blended family of his, hers, and ours. Our life is hectic, chaotic, messy, but beautiful. I get through my days with all the coffee. I watched my husband battle cancer, but I also got to watch him beat it. My bonus daughter is also a cancer survivor. My goal has always been to share my ups and downs through my ever evolving story, in hopes to potentially help anyone else that is going through a similar journey.
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